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The body is a visible translation of the soul (C. Morgenstern)

In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health to make money, in the second half of our lives, we sacrifice our money to regain our health.  And during all that time, our health and lives are fading away. – Voltaire

Crucenia thermal baths

Take time out to rest and relax in a world of well-being in the 33°C brine pool (connected to an outdoor pool) or in the 30°C freshwater pool at the Crucenia thermal baths.

As a guest of our hotel, you receive complimentary admission to the Crucenia thermal baths for 2 hours.


The Bäderhaus sauna & wellness complex

The Bäderhaus is one of the most attractive sauna landscapes in Germany. It extends over 4,000 m² and is located in the immediate vicinity of our hotel in a historic building in Bad Kreuznach. Pamper yourself and choose between 11 sauna and steam baths to submerge in a world of well-being.


Fürstenhof physio

Would you like to enjoy a relaxing massage or do you need physical therapy to relieve aches and pains? Fürstenhof physio offers a choice of classic massages, as well as physical sports therapy and acupuncture massages according to Penzel. Heiko Bügus will be delighted to assist with bespoke treatment for your individual needs.


Graduation towers and Kurpark spa gardens

Staying in Bad Kreuznach almost feels like a vacation by the sea! Thanks to the graduation towers in Salinental valley which increase the concentration of mineral salts in the air during the warm months (April to October), there is always a salty breeze throughout the biggest open air inhalatorium in Europe. Enjoy a relaxing walk in Bad Kreuznach’s Kurpark gardens and do something good for body and soul.

In addition, the salty air of Salinental valley can also be inhaled while sitting around the brine nebuliser next to our hotel.